Founding Membership

As a Founder Member of The Cask Club, you’re always welcome to come and enjoy brunch, a cocktail or take part in a masterclass within the biome. The environment will be around 33 degrees Celsius, complete with tropical plants and running on Caribbean time; an idyllic tropical escape in a beautiful Heritage site in Cornwall!


A choice of 4 different rum styles to choose from and build your own portfolio of rum by the cask.


Up to 5 years of fully insured storage within our maturation biome in Cornwall, including our tap and repair service.


Forecasts on the anticipated maturation profile of your cask(s).


Quarterly communication package including insights into climate changes inside the biome, the evolution of flora within the biome, reports and news from the distillery project.

Live Data

Access to live environmental and cask monitoring data from within the biome.

Personalised Library

Personalised sample “library” to mark the progress of your cask’s maturation allowing a more tailored choice to bottling date, and a reference guide to the progression of the ageing process.


2 sample bottles per year to allow one to taste and share with friends, and one to keep within your sample library.

Sign Your Cask

The opportunity to sign and fill your own casks.


The Cask Club members receive advance notice for launches and to book distillery bottlings, tours, tastings, events and more.


Year-round access to The Cask Club biome and up to 4 guests, including the Founder’s Tour.


The Cask Club members have access to bespoke package opportunities for custom distillates and ageing opportunities.


Multiple cask owners have access to our ‘Flora’ packages that accesses sponsorship over tropical plants inhabiting the biome.

*Bespoke blends are available on request, please enquire at [email protected]

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