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A pioneering project created by the award-winning Ian Burrell (Global Rum Ambassador) & renowned Mr Lyan Studio in collaboration with the Cornish Geothermal Distillery Company. Launching with the world’s first tropical rum cask maturation biomes, culminating with a carbon-neutral, 100% sustainable rum distillery and destination experience.

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Rum for The Future

“Rum is one of the most exciting spirits from a food & drinks trade perspective. We’re seeing a greater movement towards transparency and authenticity, and with a shift back towards fine rums, it is regaining its place in the world’s best cocktails, and fittingly, it is back being served in a manner that reflects its quality, history and profile”

Ryan Chetiyawardana aka Mr Lyan, owner of World’s Best Bar and International Bartender of the Year (2015)


Our tropical biome will be based in an idyllic location on a World Heritage site, harnessing natural spring water and waste geothermal energy from hot rocks deep beneath Cornwall to power a series of sustainable, climate-controlled maturation biomes that never depend on seasons and weather patterns. Mineral-rich hot spring water nurtures a heated haven for the tropical plants, creating humidity and the optimal environment for uniquely ageing spirits. A balance of technology and art in a pioneering exploration of spirit ageing and maturation.

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Geothermally Matured Rum

Having tasted, helped develop and researched the wide world of rums, the team has narrowed the selection to suit the unique maturation setting we have created. All the rums included in the project will be verified as coming from established socially responsible distilleries. Each of the four rum styles on offer will include a proportion of Jamaican pot still distillate – and across the types created, distillates will have been sourced from each of the 6 distilleries on the island.

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Giving Back To Planet And Place

Set within a World Heritage site in Cornwall, once known as the “richest square mile on Earth”, our project aims to preserve and celebrate the incredible history of this unique location, and help build a sustainable future for the landscape and the local community.

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We are very excited to invite you to participate in this journey with us and become a Founding Member of The Cask Club. Choose from 4 different rum styles, build your own portfolio of rum by the cask, and be a part of helping us bring this pioneering vision to life.

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